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When I was single, I would go out on dates, alone. No date actually, just me. One Friday night I was jonesing for a martini from my favorite bar, Lola’s Martini Lounge. They have the best martini’s in LA and I wanted to go, bad. I put on a yellow dress, did my makeup and went in. I sat at a table in the back room, ordered a burger with sweet potato fries and a Strawberry Fields martini. I was next to a table of girls who were leftover Happy Hour. I also noticed two brothers on the prowl sitting at that bar. I smiled at one, or maybe both of them, they were not cute but I’m not picky, I just wanted a little conversation to go with my burger.

The two guys stared and whispered to each other for the majority of my meal and finally towards the end one headed past me towards the men’s room and said “how you doing?” like a drive by. Hilarious!

I responded with “fine” and attempted eye contact but he was off in a flash. I knew how much courage he must have used to even do that, everyone hates rejection. After a few moments he came back and said something about noticing me, and I commented and purposely tried to keep the conversation going when something crazy happened! One of the chicks from the next table said something passively rude, to him and he walked away. I was a little shocked, she smiled and told me that I needed saving.

Saving!? I was out to be around people, I could have taken that burger to go or went to In-and-Out for drive through if I wanted to be alone.

Be careful with the girls you take out with you. In their minds, they could be “saving” you but in reality they might  stop you from having a new experience or making a new friend. As with the guy with the drive by hello, many men flee when they see too many women. It’s not that they aren’t manly, it’s just that rejection is hard and they don’t want to have it done in front of an audience.


As a single, keep your crew to oneperson or solo.

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