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Our G Spot is supposed to be the “sweet spot” where everything comes together in our bodies, and dare I say it…universe! Well I have a G spot when I write, it’s where everything I say comes together and changes your…universe :-).

We all see the world through our own perspective. It’s based on how we were raised, how our parents saw the world, our neighborhoods, cities, friends, lifestyle etc. We are all bias, we see the world as we see ourselves, not as it really is. I have to come clean about something, it’s my ignorance. I don’t know Jack crap about dating strategies for women in their early 20s, or  over 40 if they have never been married.

I got an email from a lady who wanted me to promote a book she wrote aimed at young women. I told her that’s not my market. I have seen dating websites  for young ladies, it’s not mine. Young women are flaky, insensitive, self absorbed, (remember this is from my own reality) and I wouldn’t wish them on a man looking for a wife. They aren’t there yet and I think it’s perfectly ok, more than ok I think it’s necessary. There are some 20 somethings that are ready for marriage and usually when they are “ready” for marriage they are simply stubborn and probably should still wait. A 20 year old getting married reminds me of a CEO  negotiating for pay without knowing her actual worth, thus she undervalues herself.

Not my market.

The women over 40 are put into two categories, divorced and never married. If you have never been married and are looking for dating help, you should try the website the reason is because the life you have spent all this time creating is making you single. You are full of habits and attitudes and to reprogram you is almost impossible. Many of you have become angry and crazy, I don’t know but  something happens to single women over 40, it’s insane. I can’t assist internal boo-boos and at some point many women don’t want to be helped anyway. They wear their bad habits like a badge of honor.

Divorced women are wonderful because they need help with strategy and what to expect. They know how to compromise, they understand the flaws of men and they are forgiving unlike their never married counterparts. If they are smart and self aware they see their responsibility in their own situation and are eager to correct it moving forward; if they are full of poo, they blame their ex husband for everything.

That brings me to my G spot; my winners are the women in their late 20s to 40. All the ladies in my photo above fit that age bracket.

The beauty of this group is the

  • Maturity because we know who we are however there is room to grow but our character is set.
  • Fun factor, we are still young enough to go to a club, but old enough to not leave with a celebrity that winks at us. We are the best partiers!
  • Hotness- we have figured it out. We have had at least 10 years of perfecting our make up hair and style. We know what works, what looks sexy and what men like. We own it.
  • Careers- we have one.
  • We know what we are worth and the contracts we enter fit to our advantage- marriage is a contract.

If we are normal and still wide eyed when it comes to relationships but have bad dating strategy, which I find to be common, it becomes very easy. I love the moment when I change a little bit of someone’s behavior and the man flood gates open. That makes me so happy!!! I adore my peers because they are so easy to coach. I find that these ladies want to learn and understand, more importantly they realize that they are in the perfect situation to find a partner.

The over 40′s know it’s too late and it’s like they are negotiating for a contract at the end of their career instead of their prime like they should have. Poor planning pisses me off. I don’t believe that it’s all over after 40 but society pushes that and the women believe it which messes up their confidence and makes the lie true.

Being a 36 year old, my girlfriends are starting to tap on the door of 40 and I’m aggressively trying to change their lives. My oldest friends not only have selective hearing but they also don’t read my blog. Lucky for me, they are starting to call me more and more, which is great because I have more opportunities to speak with them about men.

I don’t know all the anwers for everyone but for those of you who fit my sweet spot you can rest assured that if you are open, I can get you married.

That’s a promise.


Here in LA, I’ve met a Love Coach named Charly, She is my version of a therapist because she helps those with “blocks” or deeper internal issues that need to be resolved; even still she is not a magician and the person must “want” to be helped. Her process is short and she works best for women who have no problem getting a man but have given up internally.

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