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I see the twitter responses and the Facebook comments. They are never directed towards me, more behind my back, if there is such a thing on the Internet, but it all comes down to one thing. Who does she think she is to tell us how to date?! She’s a Playmate, what works for her won’t work for me! I don’t believe the dating advice, it’s all bull$h!t!

I see it.

What I advise people to do works for everyone, it doesn’t matter if you are 90 pounds or 900. I know this because I tried it myself first and experimented on my friends second, and coach third. It works. I don’t know if you all realize this but I have not “created” anything, I am merely recalling what I have observed in my 7 years in the modeling industry. The sad truth is that before I decided to make a change, I was a horrible dater, absolutely the worst. Being cute enabled me have a constant stream of guys to screw up, and that’s exactly what I did! One screw up after another. I had no idea of what I was doing. I cried myself to sleep many nights and was afraid that I would be alone forever. Worst of all I judged girls who had it figured out.

She’s not prettier than me, why does she get so many guys?

God, she’s stupid as a rock, why are guys always into that?

It’s embarrassing to admit now but I can be honest, right? I judged the successful man magnets the same way that some of you judge me. You know the saying “I wouldn’t be caught with that person if they were the last thing on Earth”? I used to think that way about some of the Playmates. I didn’t know them personally but I created so many ideas in my head about who they were. Finally, a situation happened where I had an opportunity to befriend a girl that I would have passed on in Los Angeles.

My mind was completely open this particular weekend, maybe I had just been dumped or stood up, or “insert dating disaster here” but I was very aware of everything. I watched all the girls, from the insecure ones with the body language that makes guys run in the other direction, to ladies who play it cool and can’t keep the men away. But the point is that I watched and noticed everything. I hung out all night with one girl in particular, going back and forth from the High Rollers Lounge to the VIP of the nightclub and the things that I learned from her were absolutely the most valuable tools in dating that I have ever been shown.

If you refrain from “hating” you will get my message in my blogs. I am not trying to make you a Playmate, Hef does that, I just want you to be clear about what you present to the world and the opposite sex. What I learned wouldn’t fit into one blog but you can bet your bottom dollar that I will give little pieces each week.

Bad daters are bad daters! If you date poorly you will have bad results. Even if someone sets you up with your dream match, you won’t seal the deal. Think of a brilliant worker with horrible interviewing skills. He won’t get the job until he learns to play the game.

Remember, Playmates are the “girls next door”. The average height is around 5’7 which is too short to be a supermodel, plus we have tits and a$$ which usually doesn’t fit well into the sample sized clothes anyway. But the good Playmates, the really good ones, know how to work what they have and they have an ability to make certain guys see them as the most beautiful woman in the room.

You can do it too.


Sell Sex. Usually there is one of three things about a woman that a guy notices and it’s not your personality. It’s a tie between eyes/lips, breast or legs. Next time you go out, sell it. Don’t be afraid to look sexy, it’s your right and so much fun. Try sexy underwear to motivate yourself to be daring.

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