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Ladies, if you date enough you will inevitably encounter a “Bad Date.” Once you encounter this “Bad Date” I’d like you to feel empowered to end it, by any reasonable means necessary.

 What constitutes a “Bad Date”? For those of you with the unnaturally freakishly high standards, this is not an excuse for you to be even more untouchable than you already are. A bad date is when the guy you are with doesn’t care about your wellbeing, comfort, feelings, or safety. You could be replaced by any woman and his actions would not change.  

 In order to keep yourself “escape” ready make sure to always

-Date in public places, not your home or his.

-Drive your own car

-Have enough CASH for a cab fare for a ride home and your share of food

-keep a cell phone battery on standby

Also, do realize that you

-Might have to take off your shoes for faster flight

-Should have a fake accent ready to pretend you don’t speak English

-Better practice laughing quietly because this is going to be some funny mess

 Guess what? A lack of “chemistry” is not a bad date, it’s you being stupid and shallow. See with your ears, and if he’s sweet but not sexy to you, pass him on to a girlfriend. Don’t lick that cake!  

 The biggest reason why more women don’t abandonment dates is our fear of embarrassment. But that same embarrassment emotion can position you for date rape, kidnappings, and all types of things that are avoidable. I’m serious.  

Don’t buy into it!

 I had a girlfriend out on a date with a pro basketball player who was an ill mannered big man donkey butt. The guy took her to the top floor of the Standard for lunch during the ESPY awards and instead of getting to know her, he wanted to pretend that he was Mr. Popular, yelling “hello” to other sports people across the room, laughing like a buffoon where his long legs hit the table and shook her wine. Before her food arrived she politely excused herself to go to the bathroom. She had enough!

 Unfortunately, the elevator was in clear sight of her table, she took off her Prada heels, ducked down and took the emergency exit. She ran down 18 flights of stairs, got her car from Valet and left! The guy called her 10 minutes later, she told him something came up thanked him and they never spoke again. She did not waste a beautiful afternoon and I was so proud of her!  

 When you are on a date and you know the person across could care less if you were Susie, or Vanessa or anyone for that matter. Don’t be mean about it, but don’t waste your time…it’s so precious.

 Tell me about a date you should have left and did or didn’t. 


Ladies, do not make a practice of Home dates. Homes are great for established relationships but until you get to that point, stay out of the home. Seriously, it’s for your dating and personal safety.















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