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Look Ladies, I don’t think a woman should ask a man out, EVER! Even if there is a fire and you are standing outside his house! Don’t ask him out! Let him burn.

But if you must, if you MUST ask out a guy, do what I call the Passive Aggressive Ask Out. The purpose of a PAAO (sounds like POW) is to minimize your rejection, which you will get, 9 times out of 10 when you ask a guy out with the reason being that if he liked you, he would ask you out.

There are  two situations ways PAAO should be used.


Let’s say it’s a guy you work with, or see at the dog park, I don’t care the background but the assumption is that you feel comfortable speaking with him. Before you embark on the PAAO you must do a little background work, like flirting. We need the guy to know you like him. Hold his eye contact when you talk. Smile when you see him, laugh at his jokes, and compliment him then invite him to something with friends in a throw away manner.

Try “Hey some friends and I are going to Happy Hour Friday. You should come.” That simple.

If you don’t have that situation, which is ideal, do some research. For example if he likes beer. Find a groupon for a brewery or something and say:

“I know you love Beer and I wanted to try this one spot. If you want to come, I have two tickets. Let me know by Friday.”


Let’s say you are at the grocery store and you see a hot guy that turns you on. Intercept him, like stand behind him or walk in his isle. Smile at him, lock eyes, and say hello. I like humor; “there’s a party in the ice cream isle, you’re invited.” Or “hey, can I ask you a question? I’m new to the area and wanted to know where you recommend for drinks/dinner/hiking.” This should start a conversation and then you casually ask him if he’d like to join. Do not ask him for his number, let him ask you.

With the ask out of a stranger, don’t spend too much time on it because you don’t know their situation. Put the energy out there, fun and cute and keep it moving. Don’t stop and say I noticed how attractive you are and was wondering if you are single blah blah roll-my-eyes. That’s too much, that’s a guys job. Your job is to be cute, sexy, mysterious.

This is the kicker! Remember this part please, if he doesn’t show up or bring it back up, HE DOES NOT WANT TO DATE YOU. Period. He’s not busy, something didn’t come up, his car didn’t break down, his cell was not lost.

As great as my advice is (and it is great) I can’t work magic. I wish I could, but what I can do is mimize the damage of stupid heartbreak and confusion.


Make a practice of being friendly to strangers and when you are, you will be aggressively asked out by many guys. I promise.

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