The Never Ending Bad Relationship Story


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My ex and I had a very short relationship (2 weeks) and we ended on good terms. Over the past 2 years we started hooking up again and he told me he still liked me and I said the same. After a while, I broke it off because I wanted more and he didn’t. He asked me on a date and I said yes, but at the end of the date he tried to hook up again. I said no because I knew it would lead to nowhere and to me being hurt again.

Is there anything salvageable about this? I still think about him and his flirting makes me think he is still attracted to me. Would it be possible to get him back?Was it Snoop Dogg that said “he doesn’t like you, he likes your doggie style?” Whoever it was, that applies here. The guy likes having sex with you but something about you makes him think he can do better. Allow him to do better.

As long as you let him waste your time he will. You are being pathetic allowing him to come back around whenever he wants and he finds that about as unattractive as whatever he didn’t like about you in the first place. I don’t know what it is, by the way, but it took him less than two weeks to see it. So it might be something like messiness or something on the surface like that.

You have no control in this relationship because he doesn’t like you enough, if he did then we might be able be to milk it a little more, and sex is not equal to power by the way. It’s just sex.

Cut it off cold turkey and be pleasant to him  but don’t allow him in your space. If he knocks on the door and you are alone, yell through the door that you are busy. That’s it, no explanation or anything else.

This guy is a black hole. It sounds like you would do better with a boyfriend of your own that actually likes you and cares about what you think. Go out and find someone, get busy. When we allow people to play with us they will keep going until we make them stop.

Stop him.


It’s normal for women to sometimes get in relationships where we don’t recognize ourselves, consider it a rite of passage. Now it is over, man up, and move on.

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