The Book

The Bunny Book

No longer will the girls next door have all the fun.  Now, for the first time, every woman can learn to work it like a Playboy Bunny! With unprecedented candor, three professional Bunnies, one a career-driven dive (that’s me!), one a quintessential party girl, and one happily married get together to dish one everything! And we mean everything. They share insider tircks on how to wow a first date, walk in heels, look (and feel) great naked, give an unforgettable striptease, choose the right makeup and lingerie, care for hair (down there), and so much more! the Bunny Books gives a gal everything she needs to know to refine her image and expand her repertoire.

Deanna Brooks is Miss May 1998, Pennelope Jimenez is Miss March 2003 and Serria Tawan Miss November 2002. They are all live in Los Angeles.

Annabelle Jasmin Verhoye has illustrated for the New Yorker, Vogue, Glamour,  and Elle among others. She lives in New York City.




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