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Thank you!

I have been very lucky that so many of you have taken kindly towards my blog. It has not gone unnoticed and I greatly appreciate it. When I started this blog my only intention was to give women a strategy to help them select amazing husbands and have an awesome life, and that is still my main priority. Life is much richer when you have the love and support of a great partner.

But I’m so pleased that Yahoo Shine, Glamour magazine, College Candy and others posted my blog, even if they don’t agree with my opinion. It’s fine, everyone doesn’t have to agree with me. The team at How About We has been an amazing with the editing and help towards my blog. Thanks to all of you East Coasters.

It has all been awesome and I’m so humbled.

Being the planner that I am, I had to take a moment and think about a “Wish List” moving forward. I would like to be published in Glamour, Essence, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Ebony, Heart & Soul, and O magazine. I would love interviews on blogs such as Huffington Post, Clutch online magazine, and so many more.

Who doesn’t like day time talk shows? I am the biggest fan of shows like the Wendy Williams Show, Tyra Banks Show, The View and the new Ricki Lake show.

We are in the age of Video posts, I’d like to incorporate those into my posts. I have yet to do any actual PR but that is a goal for 2013. I also would like to have a book published based on my dating strategy as well as several case studies of ladies that I have helped get to the alter.

Unfortunately I can’t do it alone. None of it. If you have any connections please help. Also make sure to spread the word of the blog. I know that my views are so old fashioned that they seem almost controversial but to that I say use me as a last resort; after you have exhausted everything you know.

With Love XOXO

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