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Below are Testimonials from women who I’ve helped. I’ve always been a fan of before and after :-)


Hi Serria,

I want to thank you again for chatting with me the other day. I’ve already been out with two men in the past day or so and with your wonderful advice I’ve planned two dates for later this week. The best part is that they both were interested in getting to see me again because they knew I was interested and they felt liked. It’s a very empowering feeling!! They even asked if I was seeing anyone else which has never happened to me before. I’m very excited by everything you have encouraged me to do and I feel it is really working in my favor. Thank you so much for all your time and your help!! I’ll keep you posted! - Sheila, Bartender, NYC age 32



You gave me some awesome advice a couple of months ago and I wanted to
update you about how it has been working out for me.

Your blog and your personal advice have worked wonders for me.  For the
past 6 weeks or so, I’ve had more dates than I had in years.  Behaving in a
feminine manner, taking the extra effort to look nice and just being myself
has really worked! I have met a lot of great guys who were courting me in
the way I want to be courted.

Currently, I am dating a guy who has real potential.  He has expressed that
he wants to be exclusive and I want that too.  However, its still early–
we’ve only known each other 6 weeks.  I am slowing down (your advice) so
that we can get to know each other better.  I will say this, this guy is
different and I do see us having a long term relationship that could end in
marriage.  Although our friendship/relationship is comfortable and feels
very natural now that it is established, we would not have met had I not
taken your advice.

Thank you so much!! I’ll keep you updated :)

Leslie, Teacher, LA age 35 

Hi Serria,

Just a few months ago I sent you an email asking if you could help me find the love of my life. After about 7 plus weeks using your advice to the best of my ability, I have found a really nice man. Someone who I feel a strong connection with and I feel comfortable with.
We met on Ok Cupid and decided to remove our profiles and date exclusively to build a lasting committed relationship.
He was the 7th guy I interacted with beyond the dating site itself. He is a little bit shorter than I (thought) wanted but I kept an open mind, as you direct in your blogs and well….I am really glad I did…
Thank you so much for your wonderful advice…It really does work!! Amazing! I plan to continue reading your blogs…I get so much out of them… and who knows….you may be receiving a wedding invitation by the end of the year…. (we both want to be married again). Either way, I love the way your blogs have helped me develop my feminine side. I really do love that the best.
So now that I am in a different arena with the dating thing I have identified a relationship mentor(s) one of my sisters and a sister-in-law (really lucky). What advice can you give me to as continue down this path?
Cathy, Nonprofit Owner, Oregon age 55 


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