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It’s no secret that people who have mentors are more likely to reach their goals than those that do not.  As a single person, you should have a “Relationship Mentor” as well.  This person should have a relationship that you would want (not the guy per se but you know what I mean :-)) and a strategy of how you can duplicate her success.
I am a Playmate and I’ve had relationship mentors.  They are people that I watched like hawks and I admired them because they had it all.  For me, “all” means beauty, brains, a career and a husband.  For some, that also includes children; for others, it doesn’t.  What I have discovered is that each of the ladies had a path and a plan and left nothing up to chance.
Periodically, you will have the pleasure of reading their stories, and I challenge you to take something away for yourself – and please, focus on the positive (but something tells me if you are on this page, you are a positive person!).
If you have a friend who is single and in need of help, put her e-mail address in my newsletter so that she can receive weekly emails. Now that’s the gift that keeps on giving :-)
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