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I am a “Girl’s Girl” but I am also a “Guy’s Girl.” I live in both worlds and can communicate equally well with everyone. I am at the age where it’s becoming more and more obvious why certain friends are and will remain single.

Throughout the years I have seen 5 big reasons why my girlfriends stay single, of course there are more but here are the biggest bull crap culprits. || Read more

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A friend of mine is going to lunch with a young lady he met at an ice cream shop. My friend is an awesome guy, really sweet, great career, smart, responsible and married. 

He has been separated for about a year and lazy with the divorce due to a career change. The girl asked him on the phone is he is married.

It’s a simple enough question but || Read more

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We all have insecurities about something. The myth is that pretty women aren’t insecure, the reality is that no matter how pretty you are, there will always be someone prettier and sometimes their insecurity is about that. As a Playmate, I’ve seen, firsthand some of the most gorgeous women be insecure. || Read more

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We have addressed positioning yourself to meet more people, and by default a high percentage should be men. We also talked about the inner you but now let’s talk about how to conduct yourself on a date.

Dates are meant to be fun. I can see from a mile away when someone thinks they are interviewing another person. || Read more

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I just read a quote from @OprahsQuotes that said something about doing what you love and not caring if you are paid or not. I had a problem with that quote, just like some of you will have a problem with this post. I realized that I am not a billionaire and it’s probably because I don’t understand that quote. Money is important and real for me.  || Read more

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I remember dating like it was yesterday! Guys ALWAYS wanted to come to my place. I couldn’t stand it. I remember dating this basketball player for the Clippers and his tall butt went from one side of my living room to the other. I didn’t like guys in my space, but boyfriends were a different story.

If you are not in a monogamous relationship, avoid having all those guys come to your place. And if you are dating one person, that you really like but he hasn’t spoken about commitment yet, don’t have him in your place either! He doesn’t like you enough yet. || Read more

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Are we in a depression/recession? Who knows because honestly for some people the recession happened in 2008 and now this is life. For others, they will be in a recession for the next 20 years. Which reminds me of a saying from one of my Chicago girlfriends, she told me “Serria before you date a black man, ask him if he’s a slave. I’m telling you there are some men out here that still think they are slaves!”

It was funny and true.

But dating during a down market is doable, just don’t expect the world and be careful of your “compromise.” Be open to the types of dates the guy plans, and always let him plan until he is your man. As long as the plan does not involve you going to his house or him coming to yours, be open. || Read more

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