New Years, AGAIN!


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Another year has come and gone leaving you STILL SINGLE! Have you passively done “everything” you can do? That sentence is an oxymoron by the way because you can’t be passive and active at the same time.

If you are serious about finding new love in the New Year then you might need to make some serious changes towards June of 2013. Just kidding, you need to make changes NOW! Time flies and if you aren’t aggressive you can face another year in the exact same position.

I find that some young ladies know the steps, well sort of, but for one reason or another it just doesn’t add up. For those women, here are some actions that will give you results in spite of yourself.

Follow these 5 steps to change your life

  1. Go out at least two times a week to a new place. Don’t go out with “the girls,” if you want a friend, take one person but focus on meeting new people.
  2. Cut down on social media by limiting it to 10 minutes a day. The reason why is because it takes you out of your environment. Remember, most social media was created by nerds to give them access to cool kids without the discomfort of being physically present. You are better than that! Spend more time in the “field” and if you are wasting time doing things that aren’t helping your cause then it’s taking away from your goal.
  3. Be Charismatic. Treat people kindly, eliminate drama and you will start to attract more people.
  4. Step it up in the beauty department. Learn how to put on make up, keep your body in shape, and dress to impress. Men are visual.
  5. Create a support group for your efforts. There are many “dream killers” in the world, find the friends who want you to do well and tell them your plan. It’s much easier to accomplish your goals when everyone wants to support you.

Start here and your love life will change for the better.


Nothing worth having is easy but everything is attainable through hard work and focus.

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