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I don’t think you should be completely honest to guys when you are dating. I don’t. I also don’t think you need to be a 100% honest with your spouse, best friend, etc, you get the picture. I’m not saying don’t be truthful, but you should pick and choose your moments.

For example, when you are dating, it should be spoken, maybe once or twice early in the relationship, that you are dating with the intentions of * fill in the blank*, and until you get there you will keep dating.

Why is that important to say? If done properly it can set up everything for later.

Meaning, if the guy you are dating disappears and leaves some space and you decide to hit the town with someone else, you don’t owe him an explanation. But if he asks where you were, say out.

I know this sounds horrible but I think the best way to tell if a guy is into you is if he feels comfortable and that usually happens because they think you are monogamous.  I’m not asking you to tell the guy that he’s your boyfriend, however if he implies that you are his girlfriend, you don’t have to deny it. In my opinion your original fact did not change because of his declaration.

Meaning because he wants you to be his woman doesn’t change the fact that you are looking for *fill in the blank*, and until you get there, you will keep dating.

Your duty is to yourself.

Your commitment is to yourself!

How many boyfriends have you had? Has that strategy worked? If not, just hear me out.

When guys think you are monogamous, they relax and you can see their true colors. It doesn’t mean you have to have sex with them; I’ve had plenty of “boyfriends” who I didn’t have sex with (cause we were actually just dating). Do you see what I mean?  Literally, I never said they were my boyfriends, I just didn’t disagree.

Quick tips for lying

1         Don’t play with emotions and say stuff you don’t mean, that drives people crazy.

2         From day one, never fully disclose everything.  Always keep some mystery

3         Be unavailable sometimes just for the sake of it.

4         Don’t ask a lot of questions, do unto others…

5         Assume that others are lying as well


Sorry this post seems inauthentic and harsh. But the foundation of relationships is not built on the black and white truth. Focus on yourself while dating, don’t broadcast it, but know that your priority is to yourself.

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