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Single career women have a tough road with trying to date and maintain/build their professional life. The quest to find a husband is like a full time job in the same sense that finding a job is like a full time job. Never the less, if you want certain results you have to put the time in. I’m not saying that there are no short cuts and that it’s my way or the high way; but if you have done everything you know and still don’t have your desired results, I can help.As a career women there are a few gray areas that you have to be careful about; for example if someone asks you to a professional function, is it a date or work? I like to assume everything is a date, but in the professional world, that is not true. You will have to use your best judgment.

What is the most common dilemma for all career women is to rush through work, life, errands and then throw dating into the mix like an after thought and it just won’t do. In other words, you must make time for “Sexy.”

Follow these few steps in order to open your schedule.

  1. Don’t plan work events for Friday or Saturday night. Always leave one of those days open for a date. If you don’t have a date, plan something fun for yourself where you can either meet someone or better yourself. This is important because if a guy asks you out and it’s for a Friday or Saturday then it’s definitely a date and you should be in a position to accept.
  2. Before a date, change your clothes! Women who work all day and then go on a date in the same outfit are not doing the date justice. Dates are special occasions and should be treated as such! Get dressed with a glass of wine, put on a sexy outfit and listen to music that makes you happy to be a woman. The reason this is important is because if you don’t take the time to separate the events for yourself it’s possible that you will rush through it all and be constantly one event behind.  A change can be as easy as a shirt, just make sure you spruce up.
  3. Keep your Sunday’s clear. If you are dating the way you should, then you will have a date every weekend and also during the week. This can become busy so keep your Sunday’s clear for yourself and family. You can always plan a date, if you want but as a rule of thumb make sure to have some “you” time.
  4. Don’t take more than 24 hours to call a guy back. You are busy and everyone knows that but we also know that we make time for the things and people who are important.
  5. Rest! Being exhausted is not sexy! Your biggest competition with men is their ability to stay single. If you work so hard that your focus on a date is nonexistence, you need more rest. Plan your day, week, and life so that you are taken care of.

I read the book  “The Devil Wears Prada” and one thing that I found really interesting is that the main character had a successful relationship. In the book her assistant would mention daily calls where she “sweet talked” her husband and made sure he felt loved. In real life the character is divorced but was married 15 years, Furthermore she married while in her position as the editor of Vogue. Her personality for the average person is standoffish and cold, but to her husband and friends she presents something entirely different. She knows how to turn it on and off.

She is important to understand because she is the epitome of a busy woman yet she found time to marry a doctor, have two children and 15 years of marriage. I think that is quite remarkable and I would bet you anything that this was important to her. She wanted a husband and children and a home to keep her grounded. But do you think she showed up to each date tired and exhausted telling him about her demanding job? Do you think she cancelled dates with him so that she could catch up on work from the office? Do you think she ignored his calls because her desk was too full?

She didn’t. If she could do it, so can you. We are all busy but sometimes you have to suck it up. I made a promise to myself to not punish my husband because of my job. I remember sometimes I would wake at 4 am for a 7 am meeting and finish my day at 6 pm. As soon as I would enter our home my guy would be so excited to see me that he wanted to go out and do something “let’s go to Lola’s’ for Happy Hour” was usually the idea being that it was my favorite. At first I would want to say no and tell him how tired I was but I never did. Instead I would take a moment to go upstairs, freshen up and then off we’d go.


From now until forever, always keep either a Friday or Saturday night reserved for you and a date! Once you are married that will become your fun date night.

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