How to Keep The “New Guy” Out of Your Home


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I remember dating like it was yesterday! Guys ALWAYS wanted to come to my place. I couldn’t stand it. I remember dating this basketball player for the Clippers and his tall butt went from one side of my living room to the other. I didn’t like guys in my space, but boyfriends were a different story.

If you are not in a monogamous relationship, avoid having all those guys come to your place. And if you are dating one person, that you really like but he hasn’t spoken about commitment yet, don’t have him in your place either! He doesn’t like you enough yet.

Here as some ways to dodge the bullet!

Don’t cook for guys or allow them into your place until you really know them and have dated them for several weeks. Men are strong and can over power us very easily. Women get raped all the time by people they know and many times we put ourselves in a vulnerable positions. Avoid it.

If he says “can I come up or walk you to your door?”

You say, “you are sweet but I have to hit the gym in the morning and I might end up kissing you for too long.”

*Always reject with a smile and flirt. That way he doesn’t understand what’s happening.

If he wants to be aggressive and use reverse psychology like “Oh you are acting like you don’t want me to see your place” or “you act like you’re scared of me.”

Run! He is going to be a headache, but if you insist on staying, try this:

“Yeah, well my husband normally disapproves of my boyfriends, you know how it is! No I’m teaseing. But I had an amazing time and gotta hit the hay- or meet a girlfriend for a drink.” Who cares, the main thing is that you had fun, and you will see him on your next date.

The key with any of these conversations is to keep it moving. Literally! Get your ass out the seat and walk away. Smile, wave, do what you have to do. Don’t worry about turning him off because the real turn off will be you giving him sex too early, him walking in your dirty apartment, or you pushing him off because you wanted to make out and he wanted to seal the deal.

Make him work for it and if you are “just dating” he should not come through your home like he owns it or you. That’s not a good look so keep the “New Guy” out of your home.


Men always want what they can’t have so don’t sweat it.


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