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Oh My God, ladies! Last night I saw the light. I went to a club called Café Entourage on Vine Street in Hollywood, California and it became painfully clear what women are doing wrong when they go to clubs. What’s even worse is that I now realize what my girlfriend Monique and I did that would sabotage ourselves each time we went out.

I like to start with the good news. The good news is that most of the ladies there were in groups of two, not wolf packs, which is great. The bad news is that most of their outfits were boring, but that’s personal preference. It seems like the women there on dates were attracting the most attention. It was as if the freedom of the date gave them permission to look extra sexy. What ended up happening is that the girls who already had the boyfriends were getting the most action. Bummer.

I wasn’t there with my hubby, I was actually there with a one of my single girlfriends. A client of mine and his fiancé were hosting a birthday party.

Let’s dive into the mistakes:

1. The biggest mistake of the night was that most of the girly twosomes sat down. Not at the bar, because there were no seats, but they just sat wherever they could. Some looked as if they were engaged with each other while others wanted to check their phones. All in all, it was a bad strategy.

The fix: Stand up, walk around, be approachable and engaging. Look everyone in the eyes, smile and start random conversations. When you are standing it makes it is easier for guys to come to talk to you.

2. Some of these chicks looked a bit bored. If you are bored, go home.

The fix: Talk about things that you find fun, smile, enjoy the music. If no one talks to you, which is a shame, but if it happens, you still had an awesome time.

3. Women were waiting to be approached.

The fix: Start random conversations. I practice what I preach, and last night I started four random conversations. One was with a couple that came to the bar for a drink; they actually were with my client’s party but I hadn’t had a chance to introduce myself. I spoke to a guy who looked like he was a member of Sons of Anarchy. He was there to have a good time, but his breath was horrible. So what!? (Yes, I told him) I had a great time talking to him. The last two were actors standing at the bar sipping on their cocktails.

The way to ensure a successful club night is by making sure you have the right attitude. I know you might hate going out and you would much rather be snuggled in bed, but that time will come. In the meantime, let’s enjoy this moment. So before you even step out the door, make sure you feel 100% confident.

Also, start speaking to everyone — the valet, the bouncer, everyone! Just be friendly from the start; casual light things like, “How are you? How is your night going?”

Now, once you get inside the bar, be present to whoever you talk to. If it’s your girlfriend, make sure to talk to her and be present. If it’s a stranger, do the same thing. This will make you look confident and make people comfortable in talking to you and, more importantly, give guys a chance to check you out.

Ladies, I used to have the same lame nights. Sure, there were times when guys approached me but there were plenty of times they did not. We could have had just as good of a time by making it a point to have fun had I known what I know now.

That’s your assignment. Set a date to go out with a girlfriend and turn it on from the moment you leave the door! Do me a big favor and let me know how it went!

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