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I love nerds. I always have. Even when I was younger I remember wanting Clark Kent to be my boyfriend instead of Superman. I would have married a nerd…

If I wasn’t shallow. 

My nerd was too short for me. I stand 5’9 and he is 5’4, other than that he was my Clark Kent. Most women won’t even date short guys, I gave him a chance and now realize that height is important, not 5’11, but at least 5’7.  One gift I left was a date outfit. We went to the Century City Mall in Los Angeles and inside the Guess store I picked out sexy jeans and a great shirt.

Why am I talking about clothes? Because they are important, sometimes Nerds miss this fact. Your profile picture, the way you show up, is important. I am not saying dress up in a photo, but if you have a sense of style, rock it! If you don’t, get help. Stores have sales people, find a hot girl and have her pick an outfit for a casual day, a coffee date, and a sexy night time outfit. Shoes are important as well. You need to look sexy!

I used to charge guys to make them over. I remember demanding this young doctor shave the hair between his eyebrows and off his ears. Why did I have to tell him that?

Guys get your face groomed if you want to attract the best woman you can get. Bad skin is a turn off, stores have ache products for men so take advantage of it.


The right cologne can literally cause me to make out with a guy…wouldn’t you like that reaction from your dates? I hate Toms deodorant and toothpaste, I feel as if it makes you stink (I didn’t know where to put that but it must be said). Experiment with colognes, don’t go out and buy a bunch. Try samples and see how ladies react. Avoid too much, just enough where she has to put her face into your neck to smell.

Get those teeth cleaned, no one wants to kiss a stinky mouth.

Last but not least, your hair. I have an eye for picking great styles for women and men but you have to find what works. If you are going bald, see if you can cut it shorter, or shave it off. Spiky hair might be outdated for you, try less product. Experiment with your look, every city has a Super Cuts so there is no excuse to not look good.

Notice I didn’t talk about beer bellys or anything like that. The reason is because you don’t have to be thin to find a mate. Someone will love you just the way you are, however you should still workout. Go to the most popular gym as a way to socialize and build your confidence. Working out makes you happy, happy people are more attractive.

Rejection is a normal part of dating. But this is how I need you think, if someone doesn’t like you they are gay. There is absolutely nothing you can do to change their mind because what you are selling, they aren’t buying. There is NEVER anything wrong with you, just them. Unless they give you a detailed list of things you can improve, then take it into consideration…but she’s still gay.

Don’t tell her, just know it. Of course I’m kidding, kind of.


If you have Facebook, ask your female friends if there is anything you can do to improve your appearance. Also get a mens magazine and find a style similar to yours and mimic it.

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