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As a guy’s girl, my guy friends always ask me about women and the strategies they should use. It all comes back to one thing for most men, a woman’s mouth. If this is not something you’ve had to deal with, that’s awesome; but from what I hear, it’s a big issue.

Some women have become emotional punching bags as a result of poor dating habits in the past. As a result of this abuse they can lash out when they see characteristics similar to one of those past guys. These women can be helped by professionals but the first thing you need to know about women is that our mouths are our secret weapon.

Men are strong, they can kill with their bare hands but men are also sensitive and sometimes like a baby rattle snake who exerts too much venom with a bite, a woman can be clueless about her verbal damage.

Your job is to recognize a woman who has been hurt and then decided if you would like to put forth the work to date her. As a sister of many brothers, I will ALWAYS tell you to keep moving, there are other fish in the sea, but if you choose to stay the course, follow these rules.

1. Never fight fire with fire-if a woman becomes verbally hostile, don’t match her anger. Become sweeter than her.

2. Ask her to be nice-remind her that you are her friend, or would like to be her friend and didn’t mean to upset up. If she stays irate make a mental not to return.

3. End a date short-she will learn that this type of behavior makes you leave or ignore her. Her mind will work like this, I act crazy=he leaves. That’s a perfectly fine lesson to learn.

4. Ignore her-if you are in a position to ignore a person who has been verbally rude, do so. Again the lesson is I act crazy=he leaves.

No one is a punching bag for anyone, verbally, physically or otherwise and if a woman is lucky enough to date you don’t allow her to take you for granted. Period.

What ways have you dealt with verbally abusive, argumentative women?


We all have disagreements and anger is a normal healthy emotion but  unjustified anger should trigger the red flag for emotional instability. Dating a person who is emotionally unstable is stressful for you, your friends, family and everyone who loves you.

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