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Do you remember when you were a little kid and you didn’t want a piece of cake or candy and you didn’t want anyone else to have it either so you would lick it so that no one else wanted to eat it?


Well now as adults, think of the cake as men and think of licking…as literally licking it or him rather. Don’t lick the cake! If you are dating the right way to find a husband you should not be licking anything until you are sure that this guy is a contender. It burns me up when girls prematurely sex a guy that they have no intentions of dating or even worse, who has no intentions of dating them, when they could have passed him on to someone else who was more his type. Keep in mind, just because a guy isn’t into you doesn’t mean he is not ready for a relationship.

Increase your dating karma by making introductions to your girlfriends.  But if you lick the cake then that can’t happen. Once I had a party in LA, I partnered with a runway model from my agency, I invited all the men she invited all the women. These guys had all crossed my path and I thought they were great but I didn’t have a use for them romantically. Our party was a success and there were some love connections and friendship as well.

If you have the opportunity, I encourage you to have a similar party with girlfriends. Each girl must bring an un-licked piece of cake for entry, and then there will be an equal amount of girls and guys. Make one rule; each person must go out with whoever asks them out from the party.  


For the cake party keep your cost down by having it at a home where everyone brings something. If you don’t have a home that works, try a local Happy Hour.

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