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Today 1 in 5 relationships start from the Internet, at least that’s what the commercial says. I believe it. Even looking at my friends who are in relationships, 1 out of 5 met their guy from a website.

As a transplant from Chicago to LA, I used the internet casually to meet new guy friends. Then once I made the decision to get married, I became a member of a few sites as a way to diversify my dating pool.

When I was feeling slutty, I used the millionaire match sites, being cheap, I used some free sites and when I wanted to make sure I met someone, I used Match just because it’s so massive.

All things have pros and cons. The websites are no different. But why you should consider dating from the internet is because it’s a way to diversify the type of guy you meet as well as increase your number of men that you are exposed to.

If you are not dating as consistently as you would like, try the Internet. As a single women looking to get married, you should be on a date with a new guy every other weekend at least. Even then you aren’t guaranteed to meet a guy. You have to watch out for internet whores, guys who date a million girls off the internet and are full of pooh. They are equal to the same whore men who prowl the club.

Another problem with internet dating is that people become perfectionist. They feel as if they can order the perfect woman or man. But always remember, the more perfect, the more competition. I recommend going two steps down physically. So if you are a 7 as a woman, go after a 5, and don’t grade yourself on a curve because of your accomplishments. Men don’t care.

I also think that you should give each guy you date two dates before you make a decision. Nerves can really take hold of a first date and ruin it, for everyone. And even though you are not interviewing him to be your husband, you are merely having a fun time, you still should give him two dates before making a decision. Remember that! Guys can get stupid as well and think they are interviewing you. Don’t succumb to stupid dating tactics that are used by people who aren’t successful. Have fun! Always have fun!

Stay tuned for proper Internet first dates.


Don’t spend more than you would for happy hour on dating membership fees. And make sure your photos are sexy and classy at the same time. Ask your friends for their opinion. Two to Three pictures are fine.

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