Dating During the “Recession”


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Are we in a depression/recession? Who knows because honestly for some people the recession happened in 2008 and now this is life. For others, they will be in a recession for the next 20 years. Which reminds me of a saying from one of my Chicago girlfriends, she told me “Serria before you date a black man, ask him if he’s a slave. I’m telling you there are some men out here that still think they are slaves!”

It was funny and true.

But dating during a down market is doable, just don’t expect the world and be careful of your “compromise.” Be open to the types of dates the guy plans, and always let him plan until he is your man. As long as the plan does not involve you going to his house or him coming to yours, be open.

For example for a first through 4th date with someone with limited funds, which we all have to a certain extent, a free zoo, picnic, walk in the park or on the beach with an ice cream cone is a fine fun way to get to know someone.

I personally try not to date poor men but in this market even the most successful guy can become unemployed. Rich men go broke everyday.

I say all this to say, cut the guys some slack but don’t over compensate. I don’t care how much you make, once you start paying for your dates, his clothes, your ring, you are doing way too much and it won’t last. Let the man be a man, hell if you date poor men, you date poor men!  If you want to change him with your money there are consequences, especially in LA.

Women are shocked that they have to pay spousal support for broke ex husbands, so be careful. I’m not saying that you have to date rich, that comes with headaches as well, but be careful of what you put out.

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