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My “G” Spot


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Our G Spot is supposed to be the “sweet spot” where everything comes together in our bodies, and dare I say it…universe! Well I have a G spot when I write, it’s where everything I say comes together and changes your…universe :-). We all see the world through our own perspective. It’s based on how [...]

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I am a “Girl’s Girl” but I am also a “Guy’s Girl.” I live in both worlds and can communicate equally well with everyone. I am at the age where it’s becoming more and more obvious why certain friends are and will remain single. Throughout the years I have seen 5 big reasons why my [...]

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Oh where to start, where to start. If you are serious about finding new love in the New Year then you might need to make some serious changes now! Follow these 5 steps to change your life Find a relationship coach for a check up. This brother once told me that there are “a lot [...]

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