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I have to fess up to something. I don’t have any game, literally none at all. I’m not a “cool chick” or a “player” or anything of that nature. My girlfriend sent me a blog called and it is written by this guy who is obviously very smart and also very street. He talks about how men who don’t want monogamy are basically losers and not men at all. It’s interesting but it made me realize that you ladies have to be on your guard. I don’t teach you how to “play the players” I teach you how to avoid them. I have never been attracted to men who have too much foolishness going on and I’d like you to find them repulsive as well. Literally, reprogram yourself to want to gag when men: treat you poorly, act hostile, are too aggressive sexually,  and have weird semi-autistic social skills. The best thing you can do for yourself is to find it ugly.

I do.

I also find lack of ambition, no life plan, round bodies, small bank accounts and smaller minds disgusting. Absolutely Disgusting. I become “fake nice” around these cats, and that’s a step up because I used to be rude.

But let’s focus on you. Relationships are hard enough without positioning yourself to like the unlikable. Sure these guys are “shiny” and I know how much we ladies like “shiny” things but you are responsible for your life. Don’t make common, average choices when it comes to men unless you want a common, average life. Now if you are common and average, step up  your game, because always remember, that men date up, not down.

Our saving grace with Players and the way I train you to date, which is actually “Blissfully Ignorant” repels them. Let’s map it out so that you can see if for yourself.

  1. Players have short attention spans, they want it now!-Blissfully Ignorant Ladies work on their own time schedule, no one else’s.
  2. Players like to have sex immediately-Blissfully Ignorant Ladies don’t have sex until they know the guy and are in a relationship.
  3. Players want to “put you on lock down” *what you must remember is that they only want you on lock down so that you won’t screw someone else-Blissfully Ignorant Ladies don’t commit until they have gone on several dates and know that they have found a quality guy
  4. Players try to play mind games-Blissfully Ignorant Ladies don’t even know because they are too busy dating other guys to be concerned with common manipulation.
  5. Players can get angry when they don’t get their way -Blissfully Ignorant Ladies are too sweet to encourage silly temper tantrums and flutter away like a little butterfly when situations are undesirable.

Don’t worry about accidentally dating a guy with bad intentions, just keep to the strategy and stay focused on the end result, not the guy. Losers will always leave. Your goal is a husband or whatever you want, don’t ever make your goal a person. That is not how this works.


Recognize the player. He’s the guy you’ve been “dating” but it’s not really going anywhere. He’s around, he flirts and confuses you then leaves you high, dry and still single.



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