Being Single is No Accident *Part 1


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I just read a quote from @OprahsQuotes that said something about doing what you love and not caring if you are paid or not. I had a problem with that quote, just like some of you will have a problem with this post. I realized that I am not a billionaire and it’s probably because I don’t understand that quote. Money is important and real for me. 

I’m not a billionaire and it’s no accident. Just like being single is no accident. If you are single, meaning unmarried, look around at the way you conduct your day and present yourself.

How you conduct your day

Many single women work a job and go home. Every once in a while they might go to a restaurant for take out, Target, and then church…there’s always church but they have a routine. Guess what, the biggest reason why you are single is because of the routine.

Break it.

Try something new! Even if you are a messy slob, if you break your routine and position yourself to meet a man, you will and you won’t have to change a thing. If you don’t have friends, make some, if people don’t seem to like you, take a class somewhere and develop hobbies. Try, the learning annex, or the local community college. Also comb the local newspaper calendar for stuff in your area, usually it’s free. Try a new happy hour every week.

The “You”

Men are so simple, they like winners! Period. That means be confident, not cocky just confident because it doesn’t matter how beautiful you are, if you are insecure, you are a loser to them. Ugly men, and by ugly I mean physically unattractive but also internally ugly as well, they pray on insecure women and if you think you are screwed up now, wait until you’ve danced with the devil. You might as well pack your house with hairless cats for companionship because their damage will shine like a neon light to healthy men saying “stay away, stay away!” And they will.


In addition to being a winner, speak like a winner. Say great positive things, be easy to get along with, have fun and make everyone feel awesome around you. As a Playmate, every Playmate of the Year has that quality and it’s wonderful to watch. It’s easy, just be present, put down your phone, look people in the eye, fall in love with human beings. Hell, be LOVE, personified.


I have friends, who think it’s cute to have opinions and voice them all the time. They are the most single! Never to be married. Opinions quickly turn into arguments because although men like winners, they consider themselves to be the biggest winner of all and you can’t have two winners in a relationship. Don’t argue with men, you can’t change their opinion, no matter how stupid it is. If his stupidity is a deal breaker then go to the next guy. With your glow, you will have no problem finding more.

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