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Did you know that there is absolutely nothing in it for you to be someone’s girlfriend?

Not really.

The girlfriend title is actually a black hole. You go in and come out on the other side, days, weeks, months, years later.  I’m not a fan of being anyone’s girlfriend.


Seriously, what’s in it for you to be someone’s girlfriend? You are expected to only date and have sex with that one boyfriend person. There is no responsibility for anything significant other than your wellbeing at this moment, if even that. Meaning, they don’t owe you anything, no security, no planning for your future, no anything.

They owe you nothing, yet they get to have your devotion and time.

Doesn’t seem fair does it?

So why do it?

Is it because you are afraid to be alone? Guess what? You are still alone even with a boyfriend.

Is it because you don’t want to tell people that you are single? At a certain age, like over 30, having a boyfriend means you are still single, sweetie.

Is the boyfriend so that you can have sex consistently and not feel like a slut for screwing multiple dudes? Maybe that’s a good reason but you can get consistent sex if you want without wasting your time.

There is nothing in it for you to take yourself off the market for a boyfriend. It’s not worth it. Time is always the single woman’s friend.

However, there are acceptable situations when you should have a boyfriend and I will tell you below.

1 When you know it’s your husband but more importantly, so does he.

2 There’s a time frame on the relationship given by the man, not you, as to when he will propose.

3 You don’t believe in anything else and this is fine for you.

4 Your boyfriend treats you like he’s your husband and plans for the two of you.

I’m just not a fan of boyfriends, even the title is juvenile.


Make your intentions known from day one, don’t harp on it but make sure he knows what’s up.



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