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I have been dating a guy for a month. We have been intimate. We have never hung out alone, only with his friends and for the past two days he hasn’t called or texted. How do I get him back interested?


Hi There!

You are right to notice that he is not interested. I am so tired of you precious creatures not following my advice from the beginning and then trying to get a strategy once it hits the fan. But you are not alone! Most women do this. I’m going to quickly state the obvious. You shouldn’t be f&$king this guy. He’s never taken you on a date, you have only known him for a month and you probably screwed him on the earlier side of the month. I’m thinking more like day 10 as oppose to day 25, and it only makes a difference because now we are discussing your sanity.

He was never interested.

You didn’t give yourself a chance to see it. If a guy is old enough to screw, he’s old enough to ask you to dinner,  movie, a walk, hiking, the zoo. I don’t care where, it’s about the effort. He hasn’t put forth any effort and you have allowed him and now you want to flip the script.

The best you can do is ignore him back, get a few new guys, date them and allow them to pursue you. Don’t have sex anymore until you are in a relationship. Guys can act for a month, give him longer to see what he’s about. If he ends up coming back, play it cool and let him pursue you. That’s all we can do.

Don’t respond quickly to texts, be sweet, be slightly out of reach and have fun.

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