Are You Too Prissy To F#$%?


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It’s unfortunate when you are a guy’s girl because sometimes it frightens away certain types of women. What also doesn’t help is that I’ve been working on my own Playboy Radio show and they encourage me to be shocking, as if I need encouragement.

I recently received an email from an older lady who wanted coaching. She tells me that she’s a smart, successful woman, with many great accomplishments. She sounds amazing and boring, smart women who lean on their smartness like a crutch absolutely bore me. It’s the equivalent of a pretty girl without a personality, but at least the pretty girl give you eye candy…not that smart women aren’t pretty but you get the picture.

I wanted to get her out of her head and focused on guys so I asked her what do guys notice first her lips, tits or ass.

She never responded back.

It might have been a little vulgar for her but she needed to loosen up and get back into her body because right now she lived in her mind. The reaction that she wanted from me was to tell her how great she is and how any man is lucky to have her. That’s usually what most women want to hear. In short she wanted to me lie and kiss her ass then at the end of the conversation she wouldn’t be any closer to a man than she is now. I don’t do that! As women we have enough family and friends kissing our tails, I won’t be added to the list. If you are great, awesome but let’s stay relevant, men don’t care about the job, your 5 degrees or 6-figure salary (unless they want you to support them). They care about how you make their happy stick feel when you enter a room next is how you make them feel.  Then it occurred to me, she was too prissy to F&*!

I don’t mean she’s a virgin but if she’s afraid of talking to a woman (me) about what guys find attractive for her, that’s a huge problem. If you can’t talk to me, how are you supposed to express your sexuality to men? It’s sex! We all screw. The purpose of any relationship is usually to screw more. But maybe not for her, maybe her relationship was to validate her intelligence.

You must embrace your sexuality; if I learned anything from Playboy (and I’ve learned plenty) it is just that. Enjoy being a woman, there is nothing wrong with men looking at you wanting to f&$%.  If you don’t dress to show off your best features then you are doing a great disservice to yourself. Playmates are masters at showcasing their best feature. We aren’t super models as a whole and each girl has something that makes her stand out. If it’s her butt she will wear something that shows the shape, a short skirt will enhance her legs or a beautiful face is highlighted with pulled back hair and minimal makeup. Know what works for you. I showcase my legs and breast, not at the same time but they are equally amazing.

Don’t be uptight, relax and have fun. Enjoy your woman hood, enjoy your tits, your ass, your lips your hair because if you don’t no one else will want to either.


Next time a guy or girl looks at you like the want to screw your brains out, smile.  If they approach, make small conversation, wish them a great day and walk away (if you aren’t interested). After all, they have great taste so they aren’t all bad, right?



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