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Hi Serria, I met my ex-husband when I was 22 and was married till I was 43. After that I dated a retired athlete “off and on” for 2 years. He was difficult but I also had a great time. The online thing sucks!! And I have a so little time running my own business. [...]

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Serria, I’m hoping you can help.  I’ve dated a guy for 5 years that I left because of cheating. I’ve been single for 18 months or so and I still love him, I know it’s stupid. I’ve now met Mr. Nice Guy, he’s sweet, kind, has a decent job (I supported the ex). My problem [...]

My “G” Spot


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Our G Spot is supposed to be the “sweet spot” where everything comes together in our bodies, and dare I say it…universe! Well I have a G spot when I write, it’s where everything I say comes together and changes your…universe :-). We all see the world through our own perspective. It’s based on how [...]

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One of my beautiful single friends took me out for drinks for my birthday; before I even start this story lets explore the phrase “my single friend” it’s actually an oxymoron. None of my true friends are single, not the ones who value an opinion other than theirs. My friends and I are fans of [...]

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  Serria, I saw this post today and it really reminded me of my situation. I was in a “When it Rains, It Pours” but met a wonderful guy. I kept going out with other men or just did my own thing, letting him seek me out and went about my daily business. I was [...]

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