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Have you ever noticed that sometimes during your single life you have an abundance of men? I see this very often and I remember it clearly myself. When it rains, it pours. You can go from a drought to a new guy for each night.     The older we become the longer the droughts [...]

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Reality shows…   We love them! Some people like the drama, some like the decadence, others like that the people on the shows have lives more screwed up than theirs.   You know what I like about reality shows? Love is a better adjective, I love that the people on the shows are going after [...]

Baby Talk


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Try to read this objectively and without judgmentt. Baby talk is a weapon that should be kept in your back pocket and used when needed. In the meantime I want you to practice using this very necessary tool that is specific to women. Try it out on guys you casually date to see what types [...]

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I was reading Media Take Out and they mentioned that Nicki Minaj’s boyfriend had beat her a few times or something like that. Now, the validity of this claim aside, the reality is that talented beautiful girls in all walks of life are constantly hooking up with guys who hit them. I wondered why and [...]

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A friend of mine moved to DC and while we were catching up I told her about my business…you know being a dating coach for Black women and all. She immediately went to a situation that’s been bothering her.   She told me, “I have a girlfriend who has been with a guy for 6 [...]

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Oh where to start, where to start. If you are serious about finding new love in the New Year then you might need to make some serious changes now! Follow these 5 steps to change your life Find a relationship coach for a check up. This brother once told me that there are “a lot [...]

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